“I was born sixteen years ago; on the day the island of Manhattan took to the skies. It’s a coincidence which grants me no special perspective, except for feeling no real sense of loss for a past I never knew.”

Brilliant Objects

Witness four thousand years of history through the eyes of those who lived it…

Sifting through fragmentary memories, ephemeral writings, livestreams, heliographic images and generational tales, this richly evocative, multi-stranded epic propels us on a breathless journey from the 1930s dust-bowl to a post-apocalyptic landscape where the climate is ravaged by fearsome minds, and famine, poverty and disease are rife.

With history erased, hierarchies felled and barriers broken, future historians battle in a race against time to reconstruct their past in order to defend the present. Has time finally run out for the human race, or will their stories, their ingenuity and their hope be enough to save them?

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