“Does she yearn for their stories? Is she fabricating alternative lives through them? Careful, deep breath here. Because stories help make sense of things.”

‘Tempera Tantrum’ - Stories We Tell Our Children, Marc Nash

Stories We Tell Our Children

What could go wrong when a child wants to repaint her bedroom? What happens when a priceless tooth is the subject of a deceitful bargain? Can a star-struck teenager take revenge on her cutthroat friends?

Stories We Tell Our Children explores how children learn to survive through the tales they are told. But can they thrive if they are raised by unreliable narrators using stories as a means of shirking responsibility and papering over the cracks of estrangement?

Blisteringly bleak, witty and wildly erudite, this series of darkly inventive interlinked tales shows how our young are transformed by the words they are fed – words that are often insubstantial and misleading, leaving them hungry for truth as they sift through the scraps left by those whose aim should be to nourish them.

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